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The Parapluie-Revel brand of umbrellas was created in 1900 for sales in France. In 1922, Cappiello designed the famous poster featuring three umbrellas.

Parapluie Revel - Cross stitch pattern pdf format

Parapluie Revel (ad for Luxury Umbrella Manufacturer Revel, Paris, by Leonetto Cappiello

Beggerstaff (Sir William Nicholson & James Pryde), 1900

Poster for Kassama Corn Flour, Beggarstaffs (William Nicholson and James Pryde) Probably their most famous work. Again, done with cut paper and stencil. Some of their posters were 12 feet tall.

Another in my Paris poster set.

EIFFEL TOWER Paris by Night french poster wall decor - ballet dancer, ballerina with parasol via Etsy

Der Fürst von Pappenheim, 1927, Josef Fenneker

'Der Fürst von Pappenheim' by Josef Fenneker Framed Vintage Advertisement

Alfred Leete. He was the artist of the famous "Lord Kitchener recruiting poster" and also a member of The Artists Rifles.

By well known British graphic artist of his day, Alfred Leete Circa His prolific output was characterized by its humor, keen observation of the everyday, and an eye for strong design.