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Women power

Us girls really do know how to turn small things into great things sometimes dangerous.

that friend that acts innocent, gets dirty jokes

We all have that friend

that friend that acts innocent, gets dirty jokes. I think I am that friend.

Why country music? Because I'd rather have a love like Johnny and June then Chris Brown and Rhianna.

so true! People used to pick on me for listening to country music. Now that it's more mainstream all if the sudden everybody and their brother loved country!

Amen ‼️

Life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationship. So go find someone who fucks you right and treats you how you deserve to be treated! Found it!

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Ugh so true. I said 1992 was 11 yrs ago yesterday!

Ugh so true. I said 1992 was 11 yrs ago yesterday!



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Imagen relacionada

Every time...Don't know how many times I heard my mom say, "Do I need to come in there and show you?"  lol

This used to happen all the time when I lived at home! The best part of this is that now I am a mom, and things magically appear for me when my HUSBAND can't find them!

ratchets be like..

I love this video RATCHET GIRL ANTHEM Ratchets be like I need love affection Hoe you need birth control protection

Talk about positive thinking!

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