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Fuck off! There are plenty of women who don't use Pinterest for fake wedding planning and I'm one of them!

I fall into both the Wannabe Foodie and Designer categories, although all the wedding pins kind of make me want to renew my vows or something.

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Fucking cassowary-- IM ALREADY DEAD LAUGHING AT THIS DESCRIPTION. they need an adult zoo just to have these descriptions hahaha also, this bird is pretty much Kevin from the movie UP. always wondered wtf he was and now i think i figured it out!

you mean a minute?!

This is why my brain hurts at the end of every day. I have a 5 year old that is just now on this kick . a four year old . and a 3 year old who likes the word, "why.

I would imagine this has happened. lol

At a wedding reception I recently attended someone said, "All the married men please stand next to the person who has made your life worth living." The bartender was nearly crushed to death!