compass tattoos | Rib Side Compass Tattoo

I have wanted a Compass Rose tat since the days strolling the streets of Pensacola. Lotus tattoo at the center Ps.

Love this! But instead of the bird maybe another rose

neverforgetwhereyoucomefrom tattoo compass beautiful, except the rose maybe a hibiscus or home state flower and a different bird maybe a Cardinal.

Cute compass Rose tattoo someone got. It says "Second to the right and straight on till morning" - Peter Pan

compass rose - "Second to the right and straight on till morning" - Peter Pan

Illustration by Fhobik.Flowers, compass, butterfly.

Wow, that's beautiful. Might have to steal This. Make it into a wizard of oz tattoo. Replace the compass with the mechanical heart, color the poppies red. Oh Jesus that'd be a great piece Poppies

I love the compass, also love the hibiscus flowers around the compass -- would match the hibiscus I already have on my back...

Compass Tattoo

This is the exact shape i want minus the chain (rope instead) and realistic rather than the line . but the shape is perfect-I love how the compass looks inset. Like its a part of your skin rather than resting on top