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Dried flowers and herbs at Temple of the Lotus Ayurvedic and yoga center

Temple Of The Lotus: Yoga & Ayurvedic Healing Center

Miniature Art studio by Ronan-Jim Sevellec called Atelier n°5 - Sans Dollhouse. I can almost smell the turpentine.

Atelier ~ This is the beautifully bohemian (and slightly mad) small world of French artist Ronan-Jim Sevellec. At 80 years of age, his most recent exposition was in 2012 and saw his boxes of tiny artist’s workshops and old antique rooms displayed in v



for posh ducks, who climbed out of the pond at the rather posh end . I'd love a greenhouse with a pond. // vintage photo of the moscow botanical garden

† ☆ † .. witch herbs .. † ☆ †

emmaallanpoe: “ Photos from my adventures today Willow Oak Flower and Herb…

Konstantin Ukhtomsky, “Winter Garden” (Halls of the Winter Palace)

Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Small Winter Garden of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna - Konstantin Andreyevich Ukhtomsky - Hermitage Museum. My small greenhouse aspirations look a little shabby.

Herblore~links links and links ! - Shadow, Heart, and Soul of the Black Rose

beautycreek: Spent the whole day harvesting lavender.Love and light!

An outdoor library for when we feel the need to read a book under a big shady tree or in a hammock. I think it would be neat to have a little free neighborhood library! :)

Free Library

My two favorite things; books and an outdoor space to read.An outdoor library for when we feel the need to read a book under a big shady tree or in a hammock.

Shabby Shack. (48827) Boho. Vintage. Unusual. Pottery. Glass. Asian Porcelain. Anniversary Items. Closed for the Season. See you in the Spring.

Conservatory Inspired - Learn how to grow veggies in a small indoor space. See my gardening board

Indoor garden

Love the green plants hanging from the ceiling and down the windows!

Favorite miniature display!

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“Blessings be on this house,“ Granny said, perfunctorily. It was always a good opening remark for a witch. It concentrated people’s minds on what other things might be on this house.