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Tom Hiddleston - Coriolanus

Tom Hiddleston Simmers In New 'Coriolanus' Outtake Photos! Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues Staff Writer Pretty new outtakes of Tom Hiddleston’s promotional shoot for the West End production of Coriolanus.

damnyouhiddles: “ “[x] ” ”

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I could do this forever.

Have you ever wanted to fist bump Tom Hiddelston? Oh my gosh, this is making me way too excited. GIF we need some more fist bumping actors to take part!

Tom HiddLeston

I guess I'm in Tom-Hiddleston-mania so I'm crazy. Crazy about Tom Hiddleston xD I should have not watched both

i don't even know what i've already pinned anymore oh my god, this needs to stop

Day 20 of HIDDLES for a MONTH: Tom plays a whole assortment of characters like chords on a piano or different colours on a wheel~ Tom and Colours~ For more days visit: hiddleschallenge