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Government control of the poor to keep favors tipped to the wealthy. They put people in impoverished neighborhoods with limited educational opportunities and expect them to succeed. These people are forced to take low paying jobs to support their families at the expense of their education. In this way, the wealthy people can keep control.

Lower income less educated voiceless people are so much easier to own and control Anonymous ART of Revolution

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Socialism does not work economically. No matter how you look at it, individual rights have to take a step back under a socialist or communist regime because in an economic system based on the idea "equally distributed wealth," collectivism comes first.

It's called Hypocrisy!  Liberals are the biggest hypocrites!

Sadly this is true. There's no point in taking firearms off the streets. Guns don't kill people, it's the person behind the gun.

If only it were that simple.  It is used to stifle the rights of people who don't agree with them.  Very dangerous!

I love the pc tardos that think "politically correctness" stands against misogynists yet they are all for islam's abuse of women? That being PC stands against racists! Not strong critical thinkers I see.

Exactly. This has been my question for a very lonnnnnng time! What makes it…

I'll never understand how or why a country trillions of dollars in debt gives out billions of dollars in financial aid to other countries.

Welfare parasites- only 4.1% of Americans are on welfare. But why look at actual statistics when it's easier to be an ignorant fuck?

No society ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce. And the parasites they're all over this beaufiful country already - Thomas Sowell

People would rather have the ills of slothful obedience to comfort, convenience, distractions, and blind progress than live a free and independent life

If they were equal in slavery, well umm that doesn't work. Slavery is when people are owned by someone else. So obviously there's a hierarchy here, so in no way can people be equal in slavery.

Ghandi ... good to remember who I need to model myself after - Christ and not necessarily Christians.

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