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Exhibit A. So, this was posted by Motifake, and labeled as a DEmotivational poster. I don't get it. Also, this sounds like a typical urban legend, but according to truthorfiction.com, it actually happened. However, this isn't a photo of that particular movie night in Iraq. They're in some grand hall (?) and every soldier is wearing his hat indoors. As a U.S. Army veteran, I know that hats are normally taken off indoors. This picture was taken at some ceremonial occasion. (Are there even…

Thank God for our military. In every military movie theater, you HAVE to honor our National Anthem standing at attention and Thank God for that! I wish it played in EVERY movie theater.


ALL respect to our brave men and women! It's just awful how they are used for profit then ignored once they come home! Prayers for our troops!

Huh.  Dad was Air Force, Grandpa was Navy, uncles/cousins are Army and Marines.  Not sure if I'm allowed to laugh at this.

Army Survival Guide My brother and dad were Army and my hubs and another brother of mine are Marines. Love the sibling military rivalry.

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Murphy's laws of combat

21 Murphy’s Laws Of Combat That Could Save Lives

The price of our freedom? Grow up and face responsibilities, that's priceless!!

As of May The price paid so that worthless people, who only think their lives matter, can still open their foul traps. Tack on the Americans who died in the civil war.