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Im a purple ninja .

Jay throughout the seasons (of Ninjago)

Jay throughout the seasons (of Ninjago)

Heres one of our inside jokes: "you go got a something on your chin" if you knew it you'd be laughing on the floor (@alexissnyder )

So true me and my bestie have lots of inside jokes!

Mike Birbiglia, cops

Mike Birbiglia, my favorite comedian

Learn Harry Potter spells


bucket list: learn the spells from harry potter. With my best friend bc she loves Harry Potter more then anything in the world


I loooooove american football!

Being different is an amazing thing! Don't be like everyone else, find your own unique personality! You dont have to be like everyone else

heres to the kids who.


- stay best friends until we die then become ghost friends and scare the shit out of people - "I hope we're friends until we die. Then, I hope we stay ghost friends and walk through walls and scare the shit out of people.

I enjoy little things... A drop of rain on my face.. A cup of coffee in morning.. To put legs in flowing water... To see someone happy.. To see happy couples deeply in love... Childs smile.. Old persons smile... Many more....

All the little things; like that small smile across the room, like snow on my tongue, or dancing in the rain, just the little things that make life worth living and make me who I am!

Kirk Cousins

Rated in the QB's in the draft

that's my little fact

that's my little fact Photowhore Yes I AM

Just Ninja Things :'( WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY!!!!! Still, lol.

Just Ninja Things :'(

They're completely oblivious to all the wrong in the world and their adventurous and curious ... And I'll always envy them

I love litlle kids there so cute and adorable also nice and sometimes bratty but that's just my brother!

Almost every guy in my grade has a code name! It's awesome!! I made the very first code name for my crush!

making up code names with friends so you can talk about the guys you like.haha all the time ;

Aaron Rodgers with throw back jersey

Discussion forum for Aaron Rodgers's fans (Green Bay Packers, NFL).

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