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“Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.”

In Case of Revolution, break glass. heh V for Vendetta Mask: Includes a white plastic Guy Fawkes mask just like the one in the movie. This is an officially licensed V for Vendetta product. One size fits most adults.

I have this, repost/like if you do too.

I have this, repost/like if you do too.

Race does not exist. It is not a natural division of the human race. It is people looking at others and labeling them because labeling means objectifying and objectifying means it is easier to judge them or harm them.

Melanin Map

This is the thing some people hate other people over.wish more people put more thought into this fact

A pleasant surprise...

A pleasant surprise…

Funny pictures about A pleasant surprise. Oh, and cool pics about A pleasant surprise. Also, A pleasant surprise.

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"I've never seen a truer truth." I love putting my music on shuffle, but then I skip half the songs because I'm "not in the mood for that one.


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I cant even hahahahahha

Old people fighting! If this was a younger couple, it would be awkward, but since their old somehow its just funny- I'm just going to drop this here

Mmmmh...but truth yes Australia DOES have a channel called 7mate I live in Australia so I would know :)

but truth yes Australia DOES have a channel called I live in Australia so I would know :)

Don’t let that stop you from loving me…

To all the changed numbers I've had bc of "wrong number" calls/text, next time I will remember to do something like this :)

Benedict Cumberbatch: He's actually well within my age range, wants similar things in life, and has a very similar take on what is important.  Which makes it all the painful, for we will never meet.  Cool.

For example: Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Chris Hemsworth. The list goes on and on.

Modern Family - I can totally relate. I want to call CPS on Max and Ruby's parents.

Funny pictures about Stay-at-home dad problems. Oh, and cool pics about Stay-at-home dad problems. Also, Stay-at-home dad problems.

I want everyone to try this right now! I've never laughed so hard in my life and its the stupidest thing ever <--I second this...TRY IT YOU WON'T BE SORRY HAHAHA <--- listened to it and in so confused, what did I just hear? XD

You will not regret this! i'm a little concerned, i laughed so hard i cried and now my side hurts.

Actually laughed out loud at this.  My entire family laughed at this one.

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