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Model: Vancouver Oto. Product Code from photo: Vancouver Oto VOS1 quilting. #profim
Model: Wyspa. Designer: ITO Design. Product Code from photo: Wyspa 32. #profim  #reddotaward
Andes Sofa is a high back sofa available in two standard sizes. The Andes Sofa offers a closed off area to relax and unwind. The high sides of the sofa act as sound absorption panels allowing you time out from your surroundings.
Float High Sofa with an acoustic high back for informal meeting areas and breakout out areas where peace and quiet is needed. The Float sofa has a raised high back that goes beyond the users head to filter out side noises from the environment.
03_Стул Pelikan, дизайн – Massive Design Sp. z o.o (Mac Stopa, Польша), Design Ballendat (Martin Ballendat, Германия), производитель – Profim sp. z o.o. (Польша)
Trapeze Sofa has a full-height backrest and angled sides. The sofa cossets the user within a peaceful acoustic space and enhances conversation and concentration by reducing unwanted external noise and distractions.
Area elegant units were designed by Anya Sebton. The Area Soft Seating is flexible, with the modular sections linking easily to form two, three (or even more) seater sofas.
Nelson High Back Sofa is an acoustic seating range provides you with an ideal environment for private informal meetings with colleagues, clients or acquaintances.