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happppyyy birthday mendes the muffin man

Omg look at his long hair it’s adorable

Omg look at his long hair it’s adorable



But he was still cute back then

I think he looked awesome back then as well as now

You're the love of my life.

My baby Shawn Mendes


Honey its not Cameron Dallas its Shawn mendes background

forget walmart he’s cvs

I am laughing so hard rn! I love Shawn obviously and I like JB too (not as much!) but I don't like Jacob (sorry people that love him) so I found this so funny!


Shawn Mendes (shawnmendes) on Pheed

why did i fall for him so hard !!  ... .. right ! cause he's perfect !❤

shawn peter raul mendes makes my heart smile.

Sorry girls...although this post could be referring to the 10000000000 other girls, im talkin bout me so... Hands off

Which Magcon Personality Are You Alike?

I got: Shawn Mendes! Which Magcon Personality Are You Alike? My bestie Sisanda got Shawn and to be honest they are a perfect match no joke use this quizz no joke

Can’t you just switch Jacob and Justin?

Switch Jacob and Justin


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Love you tooooo❤️❤️

We love you too, Shawn ~Fans


Instagram Post by Shawn MendesⓂ️ (@shawny_imagine)

I'm addicted to these imagine things😂😂

Impossible || Mendes - 0.6 - Wattpad


Impossible || Mendes - 0.6 - Wattpad

I love shawn Mendes

Dear future husband, be like Shawn Mendes. U need to know it if u wanna be my one and only all my liffeee.