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Mufucka I peck you!

Funny pictures about Internet Representing England. Oh, and cool pics about Internet Representing England. Also, Internet Representing England photos.

Niall meeting the queen!! his face is so cute

Royal Encounter from One Direction

I'm scared, relieved, confused, and laughing all at the same time...  (Annual Deaths by Cause)

Statistics on death. People are so scared of sharks when all this stuff is worse! Vending machines made me laugh though.

✘ иιαℓℓ, ℓιαм, нαяяу, ℓσυιѕ ✘

They just ate their dessert before their dinner now look who are the bad boys?

I was seriously walking down the street when I saw a pigeon. I think I pulled a Louis Tomlinson scream..

I went to my friends house bc they just moved and we brought them dinner and I saw a pigeon on the roof of her neighbors house and screamed KEVIN! My dad almost crashed haha exaggerated but it was still funny

VIDÉO - Grâce à l'astucieux court métrage d'animation réalisé par Sylvain Chomet, le chanteur belge dénonce l'utilisation néfaste de Twitter notamment grâce à un adorable petit oiseau bleu qui accompagne les humains et devient vorace en grandissant.

Stromae s'en prend aux réseaux sociaux dans son clip Carmen

El director Sylvain Chomet se pasa al hip-hop con de la mano de Stromae

One direction+Kevin!!   it was in a video diary.... non-directionerz wouldn't understand... ;)

One direction+Kevin! it was in a video diary. non-directionerz wouldn't understand.

Oh my gosh, you guys. It's Louis!!

Oh my gosh, you guys. It's Louis!They should make it this way!