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Drive-ins were big!  some of my favorite memories are at the drive in theatre......what fun

Drive-in movie theaters were so much fun! I was going to the movies at these drive-ins even while in the Keys in the late And most assuredly during high school Major source of date night.

TBT remembering Limited Too

#TBT: These Are The Reasons You're Still Obsessed With Limited Too

Ridiculously uncomfortable blow-up furniture: 50 things you will remember from childhood! And yes I did have the ridiculously uncomfortable blow up furniture!

Loved these shoe laces in fifth grade!!!

Vintage Rainbow Shoe laces - WAY Rainbows were VERY in. My room even had a rainbow mural!

Sticker albums!!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

former pinner said: sticker albums. i loved collecting stickers as a kid. who didn't in the there were so many fun ones.puffy stickers, googly-eyes, scratch n' sniff, a plethora of rainbowed options

La fattoria...

See and Say The Farmer Says Vintage toys 1988 by ThePantages,. This toy is my childhood!

Lots of Memories | You Got to be Kidding's Blog

Lots of Memories

Comb damp hair Part into small sections. Wind each curl around your finger smoothly. Pin each curl in place with a bobby pin. In the morning remove pins and gently finger comb your hair.

Wow Childhood Memories! When I was young I had one of these

water ring toss was just one of these water games, I had a couple, they were pretty fun.before video games of course. oh, the things that entertained us

90'S Barbie | Workout Barbie 90s Workout barbie was one of my favorites too!

The 11 Hottest Runway Trends Inspired By Barbies. Workout Barbie, I had her too!

The Art Linkletter Show

Art Linkletter House Party ~ Kids Say the Darndest Things segment

Skip It! If you were cool... you had one with a counter on it

"Skip it skip it what a wonderful toy! Skip it skip it, fun for a girl or a boy!") I'm not proud to remember that, but I loved mine!