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Yes, as an American, watching part 2 of the Africa Special last night, this is what made me laugh the most.


Funny pictures about The funniest creatures on earth. Oh, and cool pics about The funniest creatures on earth. Also, The funniest creatures on earth.

i want to do this so bad

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Evil number plates... Genius!

Funny pictures about Evil License Plate. Oh, and cool pics about Evil License Plate. Also, Evil License Plate photos.

yet another reason I do not want my driver's license.

I want these stickers! Beats those stick-figure family-with-dog-and-cat stickers ALL to heck!

Put a boot on my car will ya?We'll see about that! I know the new wheel n tires gonna cost me more than the parking ticket but I must win this thing...


I wouldn't be able to resist... definitely hearing the Dukes of Hazard theme song in my head!!!

GTA Has Ruined My Life Everyone has had the same thought, right? Way too much GTA.

Dank Memes

I absolutely love photos like this. I don't know what cracks me up but it sure does get me every time.

Thranduil, Galadriel, Elrond. The elves of Middle-Earth in The Hobbit.<<<<< Thranduil: *sweeps out cloak in the most dramatic fashion possible* Join me guys. Galadriel: Ok. *sweeps her dress in a slightly less dramatic way* Elrond: Fuck that nonsense. Like I need anything else to make me look more awesome. *stands there looking BAMF*

Between Two Worlds - Prologue

unite all dwarves!

The Hobbit Cast: Earth vs. Middle Earth (the power of film makeup and wigs)

This got me for some reason...

Funny pictures about Beware of the worms. Oh, and cool pics about Beware of the worms. Also, Beware of the worms.

Legolas: (cringes) what the crap... IS GOING ON!!!!

LOL i litterally fell out of my chair i was laughing so hard at Legolas's face!

Half of the things I've heard about Viggo Mortensen from the set of LOTR gives him 300 Respect-o-points!

Part two, for all you Tolkien fans!

Behind-the-scene facts you may or may not have known about The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. And THAT was the most expensive coffee spree in the history of the world!

LOTR on Instagram. This is preeeeciouuuuus. XD

LOTR on Instagram