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This red color background Hamsa hand wall hanging amulet charm with several blue color evil eyes attached has image of double fishes and evil eye in the center.

Feng Shui fin de año

15 tips de Feng Shui para fin de año

Feng Shui fin de año

Blue Rhino and Elephant Amulet

Blue Rhino and Elephant amulet is the powerful combination of feng shui product to lower the effect of flying star Hanging such feng shui amulet in where the flying star locates can prevent from robbery, accidents, office politics, biz competitors

Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People - Protect yourself with these five crystals #psychicprotection

Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Round Evil Eye charm good luck charm nazar by hippiefishbeachart

Round Evil Eye charm good luck charm nazar by hippiefishbeachart

Magic Fire Wheel Overcome Negative Energy

Magic Fire Wheel key chain is one of the powerfun feng shui items to suppress down the effect by Flying Star 3 Jade. Carrying such object with you can protect you against black magic - trouble, arguments, lawsuits and legal entanglement.

Double Happiness Amulet with Mystic Knot

The beautiful brass amulet has the double happiness sign on it. Double Happiness is the excellent feng shui energizer for improving harmony and happiness. One brass mystic knot attached to this amulet has the meanings of endless love.

Zodiac Pendants- Sagittarius

Silver Zodiac Pendant with Diamonds - Sagittarius

Silver Adjustable Bead Chain Sterling Silver with 3 diamonds in each Large star Each Zodiac Pendant is the Exact Size of an American Quarter

Lotus Mandala Pendant

This beautiful lotus Mandala pendant has Amitabha Buddha's mantra which can create harmony and peace. It also can balance chi and keep away conflicting.

Amulets and Talisman-Free Shipping-Feng Shui

Fortune bat is one of the auspicious animal in feng shui.