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Que neném lindo ❤❤

Que neném lindo ❤❤

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Jungkook with his glasses and Namjoon with purple hair and Jimin and Hoseok with their blonde hair UGH I can't!

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I try not to pin yoongi pics too much so ppl don't think I'm a psycho but I cant


“ BTS News with your charasmatic host Kim Seokjin.

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Who could know that this fluff ball with great hair is actually one of Korea's fastest Idol rappers? Yep Yep that's Min Yoongi.

El chico rubio se bajó el cierre frente a donde haría pis

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“If I could just tell you how perfect and boyfriend material you are mushroom >_<”

I can't with ARMY..

I can't with ARMY..

yoongi x jpn official fanmeeting vol.3

jimiyoong: ““ yoongi x jpn official fanmeeting ” ”


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