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In order to provide a better overall customer experience, it is essential for businesses to proactively engage and interact with customers.

How Businesses Can Provide Proactive Customer Service

3 Tips to Effectively Followup with Your Customers...

In order for businesses to succeed, it is essential that there is a bond of trust built between the business and its customers.

The relationship between “sellers” and “buyers” has drastically changed from just a few years ago. In the past, buying decisions usually started with a trigger from someone with something to offer – a newspaper, radio or television ad or even a mailer or billboard.

What is Pay for Performance Appointment Setting?

Attracting and acquiring new customers is always a challenge. Most customers these days conduct research online, compare and analyze different product features

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Tips for Traveling With an Incontinent Person

Tips for Traveling With an Incontinent Person

Buying a new car eliminates the element of the unknown. Sure, problems can arise with any vehicle, but a new car will come with the security of a warranty to cover any issues.


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Residents are ask to beware of fake or spoofed 911 telephone emergency dispatcher calls. They are ask to terminate calls that appe.

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"For start-ups and small businesses, maintaining customer service can mean heavy expenditure and that’s the reason live chat outsourcing is emerging as a compelling option. Here are five key reasons to outsource live chat"

What's next for the Lumia and Asha means?   Nokia and Microsoft to report the purchase, which bought the Nokia devices and services business, has raised several questions among consumers that the future of Nokia phones and devices that receive grants ... etc.. The official Nokia Conversations blog answered some of these questions clarifying the situation.

What’s next for Lumia and Asha? – An interview with Nokia marketing chief, Tuula Rytilä.

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What Is Intent Data and Why Does It Matter To Marketers?

Benefit From The Best Medical Answering Service

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Benefit From The Best Medical Answering Service