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Camp Coffee...my Gran used to buy it, and it would last for ages because it was strong, and coffee wasn't that popular then, well chicory more than coffee, horrid stuff!!

Camp Coffee horrible as a hot drink but really delicious in cold milk

Music and Movement - BBC radio programme for schools. Oh God! We had to wear knickers and vest!

Music and Movement - BBC Radio Programme for Schools. I loved this in my early junior school years. I really enjoyed growing from a seed into a beautiful tree swaying in the wind.

always a pencil case favourite...

During the early these cubes were used to solve maths problems in Primary schools

Tizer wonderful orange fizzy stuff, but Mummy would only buy it for parties. We felt very hard done by compared to our cousins who had it all the time.

Tizer - The Appertizer. This was great with vanilla ice cream (Tizer Floats)

Homepride Flour Sifters - because graded grains make finer flour

Homepride Flour Sifters - because graded grains make finer flour. I seem to remember a female one also.

Credit:   Mundane, own-label supermarket products may seem an unexpected source of good graphic design - unlike, say, paperbacks or film pos...

Own Label by Sainsbury's Design Studio - in pictures