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And is swords art online you take there poop and turn it into blue swords that are really badass


Anime/manga: Fairy Tail Character: Mavis, I like that logic.Yay I'm finally a fairy tail member!

Gajeel x Levy hug animation by PastrieCake

Gajeel x Levy hug animation by PastrieCake Aww,love it. I love the fact he runs towards her without hesitation aww true love this is adorable ♥

GO NOW FAIRY TAIL FANS ( I've been watching stickman killing eachother for too long )

I'm sure the poor stick man dies after that first sword slash, the rest was unnecessary but I suppose it was implying humour .<<<< Still though, he said he hated anime.

First I will say that this is absolutely adorable, and now, I will fangirl over Jellal. <- XDD I'm not gonna Fangirl over Jellal.