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hippopotamus opening mouthed, black white photograph ok, hippos terrify me now.don't ever watch Africa's Deadliest Show ! You'll never be able to dream the same again.

Springbok gazelle with a characteristic habit of leaping (pronking) when disturbed, forming large herds on arid plains in southern Africa. They are in the Bovidae family.

Springbok gazelle (Bovidae family) w characteristic habit f leaping (pronking) when disturbed, forming large herds on arid plains in s Africa

I have no idea...

Male warthog that has been rolling in the mud. Kruger National Park, South Africa, © Marius Coetzee a face only a mother could love

Magnificent Kudu. Image courtesy of Sheldrickfalls

When searching for a kudu trophy look for size and mass of horns, the longer and thicker the curled horns the older and healthier the animal

BLACK AND WHITE ANIMAL PORTRAITS - Lukas Holas is a photographer and graphic designer from Frydlant, Czech Republic. In a series on Behance entitled, Portraits of Animals, Holas expresses his love of animals with a collection of breathtaking black and white portraits.

Czech Republic-based photographer and graphic designer Lukas Holas has created this incredible black and white photo series entitled “Portraits of Animals”