<p>Drawn from her childhood growing up in New York City and her current life in Los Angeles, Gigi Rose Grays illustrates juxtapositions of Metropolis life and nature. Obtaining her BFA from Parsons on

Gigi Rose Gray Juxtapositions of Metropolis Life

Gigi Rose Gray

Gigi Rose Gray

Gigi Rose Gray's mysterious illustrations of chic ladies.

Alice Lindstrom - Design Crush

Alice Lindstrom

These paper collages by Melbourne based artist Alice Lindstrom are exceptional! Lindstrom cuts pieces of painted paper and glues them into place, creating colorful collages. (via Honestly WTF)

Abstract calligraphy in Sumi ink, gesso, water color by Patty Hammarstedt

Abstract calligraphy in Sumi ink, gesso, water color by Patty Hammarstedt. An Urban Art District favorite!

H Home by Hans Blomquist

Picnic by the lake, with lanterns to illuminate your way. So Lost Lake~great romantic date idea~Yes to this~👍


Gigi Rose Gray Juxtapositions of Metropolis Life

Beautiful women and buildings from American illustrator Gigi Rose Gray

George Shiras, L'intérieur de la nuit au Musée de la Chasse et la Nature. George Shiras, Raton laveur, Whitefish Lake, Michigan, 1903. © National Geographic Creative Archives

A keen observer of the animal world and a pioneer of wildlife photography, George Shiras was also the first, at the turn of the century, to reveal the.

昼寝するお化け - Izutsu Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki Izutsu the composition of simple shapes and flat colours is interesting because there is a lot of contras between all the elements in this piece.


Camping on Mars? Seaside fun with views of Saturn? French artist Djuno Tomsni imagines the perfect summer vacation in outer space with his hand-made collages from vintage holiday brochures and photo albums.