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lord voldemort

how Tom Marvolo Riddle became Voldemort -- his brainstorming process! 'Mortal Dildo Mover', 'Dermal Drool Vomit', and 'Motor Marvel Dildo' are particularly funny;

"May or may not contain Lord  Voldemort"

Harry Potter Tom Riddle's Diary: "May or may not contain Lord Voldemort." Thank you Thinkgeek, you are awesome.


"this pink thing" is what we should all call Umbridge from now on. xD And yes, THE SASS. <-- this pink thing - head cannon accepted.

He just poured his soul right into that diary.

How to successfully travel through puberty - Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) Yeah, I'd read that. He is definitely an expert.

denaerys:    thatismahogany:    Ple  raggedy-spaceman:    silver-whale:    Know what JK?  That…I just…I don’t even have any words          jUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU WENT THROUGH EVERYTHING

Fine J. take the knife and stab it right on my geeky girl heart. BTW, the salt for the wound is right there too.<< how about a knife made of salt?

They be dead in a nanosecond...ooo, I just used a big word...now I feel smart

I actually did this with a girl from a hunger games fandom she insulted my divergent fandom!<<<whoever dares insult the divergent fandom needs to die.


Hunger Games challenge Day Something I hate about the series: My favorite characters' death. But I also feel their death is complete the serie so somehow I also "love" (?) their death. I don't know it is so complicated :(