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I soo wish this would happen to me!!!!

Hahaha summon the nerds. I would totally go running into the classroom. (If I become a teacher, I am going to show my students Doctor who every Friday. HEhehe, we will summon all the whovians)

That was funny until I got the joke in the first post...

I am crying. I suppose if it's my last time to say it. Bip bop bam look at this lamb. I played that in my head and laughed so hard!

This is the BEST tumblr post in the history of Tumblr!

I declare a time war.

Oh, David...

David Tennant, ladies and gents! I now feel better about all the fan-fiction I wrote in high school!

Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

Aren’t you a beautiful boy…

Hahaha the Doctor's face when he realizes Rose was talking about a cat. <---- what really cracks me up is that he's experimenting with back-combing!<----Also, the cat was ginger. Didn't he want to be ginger?

What a way to sum up a few great shows/movies!

How roll call will go in the future. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Hunger Games


That's what happens when we see another member of our fandom in public! Youre a fan! I am a fan!

Weeping angels actually have sick moves

[ I lost it at "aggressively chicken dance".and again at "twerking angels". -J] Why Weeping Angels Weep

Oh, his name is such fun <3

World's Greatest Friend Sends Ridiculous Benedict Cumberbatch Name Variations. my friend would have picked up on what I was trying to say by text lol

Before I read the entire thing, I saw that Jack had his own category...and comment that bottom comment in my head...

Jack gets his own category//Jack needs his own catagory. Also, about the Doctor's sexuality, I always thought it would be fluid. I mean if you can literally change gender without warning at any point in your life, I imagine you would be bisexual