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john green wedding

Omg, the Yeti! John Green and his wife on their wedding day! Why is he so precious?

John Green is EVERYWHERE on Tumblr, and it's so funny when he pops up at random moments. ;)

I, for one, really want John Green to wax philosophical about marshmallows.

"I'm just a man in a suit with a zombie unicorn hat filming himself." This is why you're awesome.

John Green: just a man in a suit with a zombie unicorn hat filming himself.

That is every nerdfighter's occupation. That and fighting the disease known as World Suck. You're welcome. xD

that is every nerdfighter's occupation. Also hank and I have the same birthday

"The Hermione Granger" Stretch; Fitness for Nerds featuring John Green  I have yet to see this video. I love John.  Here he is, an award winning author, doing this.

The Nerd Workout video is definitely one of my favorite vlogbrothers videos ever.

If you don't love John Green you have no soul

This man writes award winning books. The same man who kisses like a snake dislocating its jaw, writes award winning books. JOHN GREEN FOR WORLD RULER!