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Golden Rutilated Quartz

Golden Rutilated Quartz amplifies your thoughts, helps you identify your desires.

Scolecite is one of the high vibration crystals, and is a strong stone to aid communication, especially with spirit, and has a strong resonance within the chakras from the heart up. It is a stone that awakens the heart, and facilitates deep inner peace and spiritual transformation.

This crystal has a calming vibration that is excellent to help you to sleep better.


Tanzanite nugget bead - Promotes compassion Raises consciousness in meditation Calms an overactive mind Brings on a peaceful understanding of one's own heart

Angelite or Blue Anhydrite has a calming and soothing energy, and is an excellent healing stone. But its most powerful attribute is to boost contact with angelic beings and spirit guides. Excellent to aid communication of all types and develop psychic gifts.

Angelite or Blue Anhydrite has a soothing energy. It boosts contact with angelic beings & spirit guides improves communication of all types, aids the birth of psychic gifts, channeling & mediumship.

Stichtite Serpentine Bracelet by SheEarth on Etsy, $13.00

Serpentine Stichtite Bracelet

Stichtite Serpentine Bracelet by SheEarth on Etsy, $13.00