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Fred Tomaselli

FRED TOMASELLI Abductor, 2006 Leaves, photocollage, acrylic and resin on wood panel 96 X 78 inches

"Penetrators," 2012 by Fred Tomaselli. Courtesy of the artist and James Cohan Gallery

Mind-Bending *Current Events*

FRED TOMASELLI Gyre, 2014 Photo-collage, leaves, acrylic, and resin on wood panel 84 x 60 in.

Fred Tomaselli: "Daturation", 1998 - Leaves, photo collage, acrylic & resin on wood

Fred Tomaselli this is a nice collage piece done by MR Fred with a lot of different layers were i can linjk it to my final piece in filling the background by changing it to black and white also in a different formation