Jellyfish Painting :|: Artist - Joseph Jackino

Jellyfish Painting :|: Artist - Joseph Jackino

Bronze octopus sculpture by Kirk McGuire. The artist has a photographic memory and has sculpted many times from memory alone.

After research reveals dolphins have extraordinary intellects and emotional IQs…

After research reveals dolphins have extraordinary intellects and emotional IQs greater than ours, expert ask: Should they be treated as humans?

Intelligent life: Dolphins possess the next most impressive brain after humans, according to research. Orca "whales" are really dolphins and in this category of intelligence.



Humpback whale Pose by Maria Teresa Lara

Humpback whale Pose by Maria Teresa Lara - Tap the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

Bullseye Electric Ray

This is the Bullseye Electric Ray (Diplobatis ommata) and it’s a species of numbfish. Similar to rays, numbfish differ in that they can generate a painful electric shock for defense.

Bonita cara

Ray Face technically I believe this is an Eagle Ray

They look so's a shame that this pic was probably taken while those fighting fish were attempting to murder each other!...... They're goldfish -_-

Goldfish - beautiful photo by Osamu Yamazaki - -. not really sea creatures, but beautiful nonetheless!

almost there.

" by Jim Wu. A great reflection shot of a White-bellied Sea Eagle about to break the water's surface. This species is indigenous to southeast Asian and Australia.

Snakes alive .... and in multicolor...Guido Mocafico --

PHOTO >>> Serpents par Guido Mocafico

Rhizostoma pulmo - Cait saw one of these in the Bosphorus yesterday.

Rhizostoma pulmo, also known as the barrell jellyfish. (Photo credit: Rai Fernandez) apparently I like jellies