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mess with me i turn the other cheek mess with my family believe me . Start running now !

For real! Your supposed to love your step child but not more than their biological parent. You need to be involved in their life but you can't have any say, in the decisions that are made that ultimately do affect you. You must do everything by the book which was written by someone else. Very liberating to no longer give a shit about what anyone else thinks of me. YSAL

It's rarely understood the deep, maternal love a stepmom feels for her stepchildren. It's disrespected and underestimated at times by insecure people but those that feel that way will never change my eternal love for them.

People are STRUCTURES in your life!  Cultivate the GREAT ones, let go of the others.... x #structures #jasmineplatt #creatingmiracles

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So me! No one messes with my family or friends...

Insult me all you want but never insult my family or friends otherwise things can only get really ugly between you and me.

There is a truth spoken here that is solid and real. Sometimes I have a hard time defending myself, but don't EVER mess with either one of my daughters.