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I love Alex Kingston. (Doctor Who Quotes: River Song, series 7)

River: This is the Angels’ food source. The paradox poisons the well. It could kill them all. This whole place would literally un-happen.// The Doctor: It would be almost impossible.// River: I'm loving the almost.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

River Song (Alex Kingston) discussing The Doctor and wishing him a Happy Birthday

Capt. Jack & Prof. River Song

Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and River Song (Alex Kingston) everyone. Aaall kinds of sexy trouble!

Eleven + Rory Williams + Amy Pond + River Song  |  Matt Smith + Arthur Darvill + Karen Gillan + Alex Kingston  |  Doctor Who  |  Behind the scenes "The Impossible Astronaut"

matt smith, 'just chillin', back here layin' on a towel.' rivers face is priceless

Alex Kingston a la Muse

Alex Kingston - A Face of Inspiration - Disclaimer: Anything I have created or edited with my own hands will be tagged as my creation or edit. I do not intentionally post the works and edits of others w/o a source

Alrx Kingston ~ fabulous curls

Why is River Song wearing Sherlock's clothes? << Good point, my friend.«««She travels with the Doctor they must have come upon Sherlock Holmes at some point

{Open} I laugh, turning towards you. "That's not true! I can fly and you know it!" I hand a small black coffee to the last person in line.

From 1997 to Alex Kingston played the character of Dr. Elizabeth Corday in the Amercian television series, ER.

River Song (Alex Kingston)

Alex Kingston: River Song, a.a Melody Pond, a.a The Doctor's Wife, a.a daughter of Amy and Rory Pond aka impossible astronaut aka professor song

Alex Kingston

Day favorite doctor who spin off: this isn't a spin off but i really want Alex Kingston to have a river song spinoff I WOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT!