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Alan Rickman

Harry Potter Fans: let's join and raise our wands for the amazing Alan Rickman, who has just recently passed due to cancer. May he rest in peace. Thank you, Alan Rickman, for making the Harry Potter World magical and bringing your character to life.

Actor Alan Rickman, best known for his roles in the Harry Potter films and Die Hard, has died aged 69. The much-loved British actor first shot to stardom in 1988 when he played Hans Gruber,...

Colonel Brandon, (Alan Rickman), from Jane Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility, c. 1995 film version - Directed by Ang Lee.

Alan Rickman  great in  "Sense and Senceability

alan rickman I love this guy! So amazing in Robin Hood & Die Hard

Alan R.

Grimaces & Co.

Andy Gotts takes spontaneous and endearing portraits of celebrities: Alan Rickman / by Andy Gotts MBE (date?

Is it just me, or is Brandon Stark going to grow up and look exactly like Alan Rickman?

My face actor when he was younger. I don’t care. I still think he’s incredibily handsome!

Alan Rickman: pic #200655

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman was born on February in Hammersmith…

❤️ him

RIP Alan Rickman - loved him in so many things!

Alan Rickman reads Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP06F0yynic )  RIP

Alan Rickman reads Shakespeare with his amazing voice!-) SONNET 130 My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun;

Alan Rickman. Just great.

Alan Rickman people-i-loike


Alan Rickman - one of the greatest actors alive