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Porthcawl, Wales takes a battering from yet another fierce Atlantic storm yesterday (5th February 2014 )

Monster 75 FOOT wave smashes into BRITISH coast: Atlantic superstorm to hit UK TOMORROW

"Like a computer - animation, monster surf - batters British coasts" Huge waves smash into British coastline, swells up to 75 feet recorded off-shore, UK government considers establishing tsunami-warning syste.

DIY rain clouds : Science activity for preschool kids, Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids!

DIY rain clouds - one of the best science activities for kids

GEOGRAPHY & GEOLOGY - basalt rocks , giants causeway, Ireland

Perfect hexagonal columnar joint basalt rocks , giants causeway, Ireland It snowed the day we went. Cold and biting wind

A storm making wild waves? This must be the definitive portrait of nature’s…

A storm making wild waves? This must be the definitive portrait of nature’s beauty

“Realization is not about you, the wave, realizing it is ocean. The ocean realizes itself in you and reveals itself to have never been just a wave.

The clock tower in Porthleven, Cornwall, UK being battered by storm waves. February 2014 - Carla Regler

Cornwall, being battered by stormy waves ~ (Photo: Carla Regler)

'Cornwall's best kept secrets' - Tintagel Castle Steps

Tintagel Castle Steps, Cornwall, UK / The castle ruin located high on a cliff. It is the most famous castle ruins in England , the legendary fortress of King Mark and birthplace of King Arthur.

A circumhorizon arc captured in Delray Beach, Florida falls behind the dark storm cloud

Photographer captures rare 'fire rainbow cloud' above Florida as Mother Nature puts on spectacular light show

Beautiful 'Fire rainbows' are a rare phenomenon that only occur when the Sun is higher than above the horizon and its light passes through cirrus clouds made of ice crystals.