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Orange & polenta cake | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)

ORANGE AND POLENTA CAKE. A hint of orange blossom adds a floral touch to the this polenta and almond-based orange cake.

Nan's Peach Clafoutis | Fruit Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes

Tried & tested Orange & polenta cake. It's great for when you need to make something gluten free. I also couldn't find polenta so used corn meal.

Jamie's Victoria Sponge Cake

Le Victoria sponge cake par Jamie Oliver

Queen Victoria sponge Topped with pretty crystallized rose petals This classic afternoon tea Victoria sponge recipe is about precision sponge making, wonderful jam and gorgeous Jersey cream

DJ BBQ's world's best meatloaf | Jamie Oliver

DJ BBQ's world's best meatloaf With a spicy barbecue sauce Handed down by generations, this easy meatloaf recipe is simply unbeatable

My Nan's St. Clement's cake | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)

My Nan's St. Clement's cake A classic lemon cake recipe This cake is as sweet and lovely as you’d want it to be. The icing seeps into the sponge to add flavour and the top layer becomes a sherbety, citrusy delight

braised greens | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)

Braised greens

This Christmas vegetables recipe will help you to get your assortment of vegetables just right; herby roast potatoes, honeyed parsnips and orange carrots.

JAMIE OLIVER'S ROSEMARY POLENTA CRISPS ~~~ this recipe is shared from the book, "jamie's italy" [Jamie Oliver] [hungry-kittens]

Crispy Polenta Chips with Parmesan and Rosemary Salt - yum! i love polenta!

Jamie Oliver’s Pappardelle with Ragu

Jamie Oliver’s Pappardelle With Beef Ragu

Pappardelle with beef ragu- NY Times & Jamie Oliver - it can be cooked in a covered Dutch oven on the stove over low heat, or in a 275 degree oven, for about 3 hours