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Ariel: Super Soft - from 30 Crazy Billboard Advertisement Ideas and Designs

Manchester campaign to stop people from littering. Playful approach with copy referencing famous song lyrics and film quotes, coupled with bold messages warning residents of fines and urging them to keep their city clean.

"A professional design studio within a council is quite a rarity": a look at Manchester Council's creative team, M-Four

“A professional design studio within a council is quite a rarity”: a look at Manchester Council’s creative team, M-Four

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Apple’s ad campaigns are always at the leading edge of inspirational marketing design, such as this billboard for iPod and iTunes.

The button wall at top created by Blok Design for the Partners for Mental Health campaign “Not Myself Today”. The identity, which uses different emotions and their corresponding colours, was turned into a wall of “mood pins” in a heavily travelled section of Toronto.

Wall of mood buttons, Partners for Mental Health installation in Toronto (by Blok Design) - interactive display - colour makes it pop. white spaces revealed below draws in others

IBM Smarter Planet | The collaboration between Office and Ogilvy  Mather resulted in a series of bright, bold icons that have been used billboards, advertisements, posters and more both nationally and internationally. #infographics

Bright, bold illustrations from an IBM Smarter Planet collaboration between Office and Ogilvy & Mather