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floresenelatico:  Sirous Namazi, Untitled, 2007,  Aluminium, glass, pvc doors, 410x500x500 cm, Welfare Fare Well, Venice biennale, Nordic pavillon

8 of Sirous Namazi

Ai Weiweis Bang installation at the French Pavillion for the 2013 Venice Art Biennale

Bang installation at Venice Art Biennale For his installation for the German representation at the French Pavilion, Ai Weiwei has assembled 886 three-legged wooden stools.

Well Well Designers. Pixel. Window display. light installation – paper Dimensions 2,5 x 3. http://www.wellwelldesigners.com/work/pixel

Pixel / Well Well Designers Window display light installation – paper Dimensions x 3

Peopling the Palaces by Peter Greenaway

Kommunikation im Raum - Kunst. Light art installation - interesting use of transparent glass panels in the design of an exhibition space art,Art&Design,Craft,Installation Art Conceptual Art Performance Art,

Inflatable transparent tent, you can enjoy the sunshine indirectly.

China PVC Tarpaulin Comercial and Warm Big Inflatable Tent, Inflatable Bubble Tent supplier

Chris Fraser's Light Installations.  ”My light installations use the camera obscura as a point of departure.  They are immersive optical environments, idealized spaces with discreet openings.  In translating the outside world into moving fields of light and color, the projections make an argument for an unfixed notion of sight."

Chris Fraser’s Light Installations

CARLO BERNARDINI, PERMEABLE SPACES 2002-2006, Fiber optic, transparent plexiglass

Fiber Optic Installations by Carlo Bernardini. Installation using light, how was it made?

gaudi stool (detail) | studio geenen

Gaudi Stool by Studio Geenen

Utrecht designer Bram Geenen of Studio Geenan has designed a stool based on the shape of hanging chains. The grid-like structure of the underside was made of rapid-prototyped polyamide and covered in a carbon-fibre shell.

David Spriggs Ephemeral Installations

David Spriggs is an English artist based in Montreal who paints on multiple panels of glass to create amazing works of art. The ethereal images appear to be floating behind the outer panels of glass. The technique he uses is called stratachrome, define

Intersections - Anila Quayyun Aga

Intersections: An Ornately Carved Wood Cube Projects Shadows onto Gallery Walls wood shadows religion light Islam installation Created by mixed media artist Anila Quayyum Agha