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Love it

I started to say that I wished my hip piece looked that pretty, but without the stars, butterflies and flowers. And then I realized that without all that stuff, it is my hip piece.

to me this tat means for every girl whos been called ugly ,the best has yet to come.

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over she became a butterfly" butterfly quote tattoo design idea


Flower foot tattoos can be a great way to be inked with the idea of being part of your fashion statement. Whether you're at the beach or stepping out on the town, in a number of situations a foot tattooed with a flower can be a part of your.

Climbing Clematis

Pretty lily plant Lily plant branch that winds along a girl’s back and waist with lots of green leaves and pretty red lilies blooming.

This but smaller over my hip scar

One popular variation of the star tattoo is the shooting star tattoo design. Shooting star tattoos can be designed in many different ways, designed with only stars or portrayed with other tattoo symbols. Shooting star tattoo designs are a very.