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THE MUSHROOMS! I think if you put anything under glass and stick a yellowed label on it, something magical happens.

Love the curiosities & botanicals displayed!

Nature desk - oh, hello friend: you are loved.: collection / naturalist: i relate to this!


Andy Paiko's Amazing Glass Objects

Andy Paiko Glass: sculptural bell jars, reliquaries with natural objects, and other beautiful glassware

Cool. Not feeling the bat though.

old school science lab stuff as decor.use the beakers and test tubes for decor in Nate's room or for light fixtures

dried flowers- possibly in a drawer with the back painted with chalkboard

ig-regalo96です♡/木箱/ドライフラワー/花のある暮らし/boxフラワー…などのインテリア実例 -2015-05-05 19:04:20

すべての理科趣味・鉱物愛好家へ。鉱物・結晶のレシピ、Diyなどを掲載する「鉱物レシピ 結晶づくりと遊びかた」が5月に発売

すべての理科趣味・鉱物愛好家へ。鉱物・結晶のレシピ、Diyなどを掲載する「鉱物レシピ 結晶づくりと遊びかた」が5月に発売

Apocathery vibes

木箱/ドライフラワー/花のある暮らし/Bedroomのインテリア実例 -2015-04-02 10:41:04