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Benoît Jeannet . where is Mr.X?

Benoît Jeannet . where is Mr.X?

Nem tudo são flores e risos na vida de um palhaço, mas é preciso sorrir!

Amazing Mystery Photographer Comes To Fame After Her Death

Emmett Kelly as the clown figure “Weary Willie” Street Gallery of photos taken by the photographer Vivian Maier. One of multiple galleries on the official Vivian Maier website.

Vivian Maier photography

Mystery Photographer Vivian Maier's Breathtaking Work Uncovered Decades Later: The Amazing Tale

From Vivian Maier: Street Photographer photographs by Vivian Maier, edited by John Maloof, published by powerHouse Books.

Young Armenian women fight genocide.  The Armenian genocide started on 24 April 1915. That day is remembered as Medz Yeghern ( The Great Crime ).

Armenian women during the 1895 Hamidian massacres, when the Armenians of Zeitun (modern Süleymanlı), fearing the prospect of massacre, took up arms to defend themselves from Ottoman troops. Our women are warriors

afghanistan. Children of War | Steve McCurry

Color in an otherwise dreary war-torn country. Photo taken during the Afghanistan war. Taken by Steve McCurry.