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Benoît Jeannet . where is Mr.X?

Benoît Jeannet . where is Mr.X?

Nem tudo são flores e risos na vida de um palhaço, mas é preciso sorrir!

Amazing Mystery Photographer Comes To Fame After Her Death

afghanistan. Children of War | Steve McCurry

Color in an otherwise dreary war-torn country. Photo taken during the Afghanistan war. Taken by Steve McCurry.

Vivian Maier photography

Mystery Photographer Vivian Maier's Breathtaking Work Uncovered Decades Later: The Amazing Tale

Street Gallery of photos taken by the photographer Vivian Maier. One of multiple galleries on the official Vivian Maier website.

Vivian Maier Photography by Chicago History Museum, via Flickr

The “nanny-photographer” Vivian Maier lived and died in obscurity, her thousands of images receiving attention only after her death.

Beautiful and Artistic Self-Portraits by Vivian Maier – Fubiz Media

Beautiful and Artistic Self-Portraits by Vivian Maier

A new book reveals that the deeper one dives into the life of nanny-turned-photographer Vivian Maier, the more enigmatic and mysterious she becomes.

A City’s Death By Fire    By Derek Walcott    After that hot gospeller has levelled all but the churched sky,  I wrote the tale by tallow of a city’s death by fire;  Under a candle’s eye, that smoked in tears, I  Wanted to tell, in more than wax, of faiths that were snapped like wire.  All day I walked abroad among the rubbled tales,  Shocked at each wall that stood on the street like a liar;  Loud was the bird-rocked sky, and all the clouds were bales  Torn open by looting, and white, in…

anniversary in pictures: The attack on the Twin Towers World Trade Center in New York


Photography team Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg (of Ann Street Studio) spend their days perfecting the creative presentation of living moments known as .

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Travel Journal Ideas: How to Write Wanderlust-Worthy Trip Recaps