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What happens when you leave the cat food bag open.......

What happens when you leave the cat food bag open.

This has officially made my day!!!!!!!!!

I always thought they showed up when a leprechaun decided to come out of the closet.

Grumpy cat :(

Smiles are contagious - Grumpy Cat hahah so funny

Pet wars

It made me laugh. "Snow Dog to Dog Fort. Snow Dog to Dog Fort. Come in Dog Fort.

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I would have lost it if my kitten grew up to look like this white kitty. Friggin hilarious.

So we have General Meow, Meowseph Stalin, and Kitler. Meow I just need more cats.

you let him watch another Zombie Movie didn't you?

Funny pictures about Bwainz! Oh, and cool pics about Bwainz! Also, Bwainz!


Cats bring you presents because they think you're a giant hairless cat that sucks being a cat!

Funny picture

I always thought it'd be nice if fast food places served french-fry sized slices of celery that you dip in ranch, in place of fries. McDonald's did start serving kid's meals with an option for apple fries, at some point. you have to opt for them

Funny tumblr post

Yeah guys, you better be kitten when calling the handicat weird.