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My poor, poor baby! I love you!

Fili So like, I know that you can't separate Fili and Kili, so when I pin one of them I try to find a pin of the other. Cause, you don't just separate Fili and Kili.

I am suffocating

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Kili, The Hobbit, Middle Earth, Tolkien, Lotr, Feels, Dean, Connect, Hobbit

Except... he... doesn't really make odd faces.... ~Kili

the hobbit my stuff fili kili thorin oakenshield aidan turner dean o'gorman richard armitage IVANA ATTEMPTS FUNNY i don't know what i'm doing forgive me also if someone already did this i'm sorry obviously i didn't know theheirsofdurin

Brothers by crystalmoonchild.deviantart.com on @deviantART - Fili and Kili from "The Hobbit"

Whoever drew this I would like to personally thank. you are my artist role model! "Kili, you're sick.