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Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead <3

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The Walking Dead.

Rick's 3 questions, The Walking Dead. These are the 3 questions he hallucinated that Lori asked him


Uh, Rick is pretty cool and he's definitely not dumb, but genius might be stretching it. <-- I agree. I think it should be "A leader can lose their mind"

You'll never know when this information will come in handy. I recommend everyone to at least give "THE WALKING DEAD" a chance and watch it. I myself said that I would never watch "THE WALKING DEAD"it wasn't for me but then I change my mind. And now I love it.

So true! I enter a building and criticize everything, only complaining about how this structure will not due in a zombie apocalypse! I will always tell them how good their structure is if it's a good place for the apocalypse.