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I'm I the only one who counts but she's 12

Laughed a little too hard at this

Same nice poem. I'm gonna tell this to my valentine next year

Thing scarier than sharks: Tao's english #shark #Tao #EXO #EXO-M

Ah, I want to go on adventures with him for the sake of barriers like this, so cutely funny! <--LOL seriously though, Tao, that is just TOO cute!

How to piss off exo-ls

How to piss off exo-ls

BTS has been dominating charts with their latest mini album 'HwaYangYeonHwa Part which, according to Big Hit Entertainment, has recorded a near un…

They are modest as hell and fame didn't change them

They are modest as hell and fame didn't change them.One of the reasons why I love them

Exo's concepts summed up | allkpop Meme Center

That's pretty much it. Let me add some more: Monster football players who got trapped in a maze, then wonderland, then a hospital, then an airport, who also runs a car business.


Lay - 160722 Exoplanet - The EXO’rDium in Seoul merchandise Credit: Lay Zone.

EXO | #tumblrpost #wolf

ok confession time.I actually really I mean REALLY like that song O_O YE XING DE ! (imma exo-m trash.obvious much :D)