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The Greatest Ongoing Prank Between 2 Brothers

The Greatest Ongoing Prank Between 2 Brothers… Brilliant! I love sibling pranks! But the best is when my brother and I gang upon my mum!

But really...why?

You Never Know What That Girl Can Do. Lots of women play video games. Lots of them are pretty good at it. All of them deal with jerks who think they can't play just because they're girls.

Awkward Situations You Never Want To Be In

This Is Why It’s Just Better To Stay Inside // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - Awkward situations embarassing

mc random 6 Morning coffee (39 photos)

Morning coffee (39 photos)

WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING. probably me (my friend has that "All my friends are dead" book, it's so sad and funny at the same time, and you feel even worse when you laugh)

Shameful lies some parents tell their kids… « Lol « Meme Collection

This is so funny. My mom told me the watermelon one too.Parents scaring their kids with lies

I feel better about myself after reading this, I also want to slap some of these people in the face.

So much stupid in this pin. My favorites were the Civil War and Jesus.>>> Faith in humanity lost!

One of my favorite scenes from House!

You Have A Parasite

Funny pictures about Such an adorable parasite. Oh, and cool pics about Such an adorable parasite. Also, Such an adorable parasite.

Text Messhttp://InternetDuty.com/?id=biqebbages From A Cat

Text Messages From A Cat

Text Messages From A Cat. Made me laugh out loud at work. Coworkers definitely know I'm a crazy cat lady, now they think im even crazier for believing that cats text.mine does.