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The Orca whale relies heavily upon teamwork. They are remarkably skilled hunters, but they require the whole rather than the one for success.

Senja Island

Senja Island

j pod orcas | ... adult male Killer Whale from J Pod, who recently returned to the area

"Blackberry" does a breach off of San Juan Island! He is an adult male Killer Whale from J Pod, who recently returned to the area. Photo by Traci Walter.

Telegraph Cove; Northern Vancouver Island, B.C., Unparalleled Orca whale (Johnstone Strait) and grizzly bear watching (Knight Inlet) in August during salmon migration.  One of my most favorite vacations

Orca pod in the Broughton Archipelego near Telegraph Cove on Northern Vancouver Island

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The killer whale, also referred to as the orca whale or orca, and less commonly as the blackfish, is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family. Wikipedia - Stop the Dolphin and Orca Slaughter NOW

Orca camp kayak vacation in British Columbia CanadaWildcoast

Kayaking with Orcas Wilderness Trips in Johnstone Strait Vancouver Island

Go whale watching on a kayak camping trip near the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. Stay at the Wildcoast Basecamp in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia.

THIS is where to see these amazing creatures......NOT SeaWorld!!

Breaching Killer Whale Poster created by corbisimages. Order as shown, or change the print size or paper type & add custom framing.

animalgazing: Picture of ocean life, three orca whales spyhopping in the Pacific Ocean.

Orcas, wild and hunting, as they should be. Save the Orcas from Captivity!

orcas are the largest member of the dolphin family.The picture shows two orcas jumping out of the water

Spyhopping orca in the San Juan Islands of Washington state • I want to be able to see this happen some day!

One of the most beautiful and serene places I have ever visited. You MUST make it to the San Juan Islands! Spyhopping orca in the San Juan Islands of Washington state

Killer Whale Grin by ~annlo13 on deviantART

Killer Whale-In captivity they do not do well- they immediately cease using radar. They are also extremely social beings, and will spend their whole life with the same group-support leaving them in their natural habitat. Free Willy is what this is about.

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Punta Tombo, Chubut, sobre la costa atlántica. Las orcas cazan pinguinos apoyándose sobre el borde de canto rodado ( piedras redondas grandes) de la playa y con cada ola, vuelven al mar o a la playa hasta que cazan algun pinguino.

An orca or "Killer Whale" looking for its next meal in Punta Tumbo, Patagonia, Argentina