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swim in the pacific ocean


So blessed to Live in california to be able to swim in the pacific ocean

Check ✔️ - Used to go all of the time when I was little and the prices were actually affordable

Bucket List : Visit Disney World.ok I've been there a bunch but 1 more time.all the time :)

Please? Bucket List Idea Seven


Yes I'm sixteen and have not kissed anyone. Don't judge me! I want it to be special.

and get her to sign my books!!!

[Bucketlist] PEOPLE TO MEET: (J.K.Rowling, Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Felton, Orlando Bloom)

my life literally would be incomplete if I don't meet JK Rowling before I die

If I can ever get Lanie to watch something other than Lion King. Lol

before i die: own every classic disney movie on dvd or blu ray.

Working on it.  Love is a choice long after it's a feeling.  I choose to love him for my whole life.  He chooses to love me right back.  :)

i can only dream that someday i will meet somebody who will change my life for forever

DONE! Many times over actually.

[✔️] made a jar of lucky paper stars. (technically, I didn't make the paper stars.