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Totally the truth!

Scorpio: constantly torn between "treat others how you wanna be treated" and "treat others how they treat you.


Scorpio, oh Scorpio! Rarely do I agree with these things . It's so me as well

Scorpio truths

Haha so so so true haha I am just a hot sexy mess haha sorry love but always remember I love you through all my craziness haha

Top 5 to be difficult to understand:  Scorpio, Aquarius....      ~D~

Top 5 to be difficult to understand: Scorpio, Aquarius and Gemini's my best buddies!

Pisces: "The #Water signs tend to ignore rumors and wait to find out the truth on their own...."

Water signs: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio When I hear a rumor I always wait to judge until I've seen it for myself - which usually doesn't take long with the intuition and all.