Attack on Titan - Shingeki No Kyojin

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Attack On Titan posters: Attack On Titan poster featuring art from the Japanese Manga stories illustrated by Hajime Isayam. This Attack On Titan poster features the character of Mikasa. Official Attack On Titan poster

Attack on Titan

The feels. I cried when Petra died, basically when the Levi squad died, IM GETTING TEARY EYED. But seriously tho. Does anyone else notice that dab?

Caporal chef Livaï

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) - Eren Yeager x Levi Ackerman - Ereri

Levi - Shingeki no kyojin

Rivaille Levi, shingeki no kyojin, attack on titan - Do you accept his cup of coffee? Y-yes, Levi Heichou OwO

Poor Eren

Poor Eren :')) Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Levi (Rivaille) from Shingeki no Kyojin.

Levi | Attack on Titan

✖Artist: Kawauso✖ ✖Anime: Attack on Titan✖ ✖Character: Levi Ackerman✖ . ♡~Tell me if you want to be tagged or you're having upload wishes~♡ .