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not the my chemical romance part that would be replaced with reading and watching tv or movies?

She was SO good in this movie and looks SO much like her mom!

how to lose a guy in 10 days. my all-time favortie scene

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And if your best friend is ever hurt by someone, it takes all your strength not to hunt that person down.

eh, true

So so so funny and true

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Jaél de Pardo (@jaeldepardo) on Instagram: “Oh snap!”

Jaél de Pardo (@jaeldepardo) on Instagram: “Oh snap!”

YES!  Like when we are in Vegas and we are looking at pic's from the night before... SO true!

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Story of my life&

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<<< I put a heart around them and then my friend gives me an angry look and then their crush looks back at me and I just kinda stare off in the other direction. >>> haha SO true

So me!

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