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it seems that i am always sighing about the past, or holding my breath for the future, and forgetting to breathe for today.

It seems that I am always sighing about the past or holding my breath for the future and forgetting to breathe for today.


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" The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want." f scott fitzgerald quotes

"Confusion isn't a sign of love or affection. If you have to question your place with a person or their level of interest in you it may be time to walk away. When something/someone is for you there will be no question or doubt in your mind." -AlexElle

I''m still confused. I've always been confused about love. Does that mean I never had real love? My love was real anyway. Maybe "real" should be replaced by "healthy." But my guess is I'll be confused by healthy love, too, since I never had it.

Love this

"I can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in me. It's always a game changer." So true it hurts. When someone tells you that you are amazing, and they mean it, hang on to them.

Mason jar, glow stick, spiders, cotton balls

Glow in the dark spider mason jars :) super cute! All you need is a mason jar, cotton balls, plastic spiders, and a glow stick!

'You Speak to Me with Words, and i Look at You with Feelings'. Spoken like a True Empath.


don't protect your heart like you don't have one. Too bad some people are so broken they don't understand this

Each time this is the pure truth. Everything is "language" but my love and understanding of time preceded language itself. Preceded the first word. Preceded the concept of "History".