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Tumblr funny but true.. Ever so true. Yea except I say I'll have tht & point 2 it instead.

Yep and after I say all of that the waiter looks at me weird and is like "alright one cheeseburger"

Funny pictures about If only spiders could talk. Oh, and cool pics about If only spiders could talk. Also, If only spiders could talk.

19 Things To Ask Siri When You're Bored

19 Things To Ask Siri When You're Bored

College professor win- Can we have Finn do this?:

Another pinner said "while a prof was setting up for his lecture…" I just laughed at this for like 20 minutes, why couldn't I have teachers like this when I was in college!

funny and teenager post image

I'll look past the bad grammar because it's funny - 'suppose' should be 'supposed'. Ironic not eyeronic

But, but what about your grade......

Don't make friends.<<<< Glad we sorted that out. Now I have an excuse when I sit alone!

Late nights are the best

I don't know why this is so funny. it probably won't be tomorrow. but right now I'm seriously dying!its funny cause it sounds like me


It should actually say "philosophy is wondering if a Bloody Mary is a fruit smoothie." This is so deep even Adele can't roll in it.

Blimey cow  7 lies about homeschoolers

Messy Mondays: Seven More Lies about Homeschoolers by Blimey Cow Toy story is bad! Its Blimey *cow*!

Thank you! Someone replaced the word Obama with Trump. Thank you!!<<<yisss whoever changed the name to Trump... We praise you (▰˘◡˘▰)

is this so funny? Just saying I don't approve of everything that was said here but obamas clock would make a great fan

@Madeline Lease totally saying "potassium" to you from now on...its the new Kay dot:)

Hey Tim wanna come over Potassium. Potassium is 'K' on the periodic table. Nerd, I don't want you to come over anymore.